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INSPARK is the 2nd largest building inspection organization in the Midwest.

Our inspection teams are made up of volunteers who are trained to systematically assess structures affected by earthquakes, floods, tornados or high winds. INSPARK members are called to assist when a disaster causes so much structural damage that local officials become overwhelmed and need help to determine the safety of buildings.

INSPARK inspectors are trained in rapid visual inspections to get people back in their homes as soon as possible. An inspection of the outside of the building results in posting of a green card meaning that the building is safe to enter, a yellow card meaning the building is safe to enter briefly but not to occupy, or a red card meaning the building is severely damaged and cannot be entered.

INSPARK volunteers are well-qualified to conduct emergency inspections, with years of professional experience in engineering, architecture, building inspection and construction industry skills. Members must also take special training in rapid visual evaluation (ATC-20) to receive an INSPARK certification, with re-certification every three years.

More than 1,500 professionals have participated in the ATC-20 training in Arkansas. INSPARK currently has over 150 active members who are ready to respond to communities in need across the country. When local governments contact Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) for assistance after a disaster, INSPARK volunteer coordinators send available inspectors to the affected area to help them conduct building assessments.

Arkansas’ INSPARK was formed by state law in 2014 to establish a building inspection program for all disaster events, both natural and manmade. INSPARK inspection teams are made up of 100% volunteers, INSPARK doesn’t receive any State funding.

For more information contact ADEM’s Earthquake Program Manager, Hilda Booth at 501-683-6700.

INSPARK-How does it work:

  • 1) After a disaster local jurisdiction requests assistance from ADEM
  • 2) ADEM Statewide Coordinator contacts INSPARK Regional Coordinators to notify them of the request
  • 3) ADEM Statewide Coordinator sends out an ALERTSENSE notification to INSPARK members to ask for Volunteers
  • 4) Individual Volunteer Inspectors contact INSPARK Regional Coordinators notifying them of their availability
  • 5) INSPARK Regional Coordinators work with ADEM & local jurisdictions to organize Inspection Teams and oversee deployment of Volunteer Inspectors
  • 6) Volunteer Inspectors post safety instructions during inspections and complete reports for local jurisdictions
  • 7) Volunteer Inspection Teams give feedback to INSPARK Regional Coordinators
  • 8) INSPARK Regional Coordinators update ADEM

Have Questions?

For additional information about volunteering with INSPARK, contact the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management Earthquake Program Manager at (501) 683-6700.